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Who are we

In 2007, after a career at respectively KLM and General Motors we - Jacqueline en Hein - found it time to change course. We stayed by chance at this domain, we fell in love and the rest is history.

Since then Domaine de St. Pierre is our home - and that of our dogs, cats and horses. The building dates back from the beginning of the nineteenth century. In the course of the time it has had many additions and owners and since the beginning of 2008 we have been the proud owners.The original house was owned by the wine farmer - 'Maison the Vigneron' -, and with the stables and the house of the 'Regisseur' (the man who ensures control concerning the vintage) has been transformed to five gîtes, where the original character as much as possible has been preserved. We added to this the modern comforts you would expect - f.e. comfortabale beds, wireless internet - and we offer you the chance to stay in contemporary comfort. There is sufficient space to receive many more guests, but we have deliberately chosen to keep it small. We find that most comfortable and our guests too!

Now we are mainly engaged in the maintenance and inventing new possibilities. Because a domain like this - in the middle of vineyards, with all the rest and plenty of sun - is never finished. And that's what we love about it.

Jacqueline Rutte & Hein Hamel

Salsa a.k.a. Bianca
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